Telephone ☎ +82-70-7771-1940
Fax ☎ +82-70-4275-5940
Address PHARMANUCO, 103, Jinigi-gil, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do
Selling Category [K_200312000000] Other Health Care Products

[Company Introduction]

‘Pharmanuco' is a company that manufactures and distributes health foods, functional cosmetics and sports care products.

It has been developing and marketing brands that suit the needs and trends of consumers since its establishment in 2000. 'PHARMA' symbolizes pharmaceutics, 'NU' represents nutritious foods, and 'CO' represents cosmetics to symbolize the direction in which Pharmanuco is aiming for.

'Pharmanuco' has been establishing marketing strategies that suit each brand and is leading the market through various sales channels, both online and offline. 'Pharmanuco' intends to take a bold step further into the global market based on this expertise.

'Pharmanuco co.' has specialized in branding and marketing unique items with our strong sales network through on-line and off-line market. The annual sales volume has been over 2 million USD in 20015 and we expect more in the future.
[Company History]

2002 : Established 'Geumseong PNC' - distributor of health functional foods and cosmetics specialized for pharmacies 
2005 : Launched 'SILON Anion Health Sports Ring', registered as member of Korea Far Infrared Association
2007 : Changed company name to 'Pharmanuco'
2009 : Launched the PPD-free hair dye 'Freedom Sensitive', launched children's nutritional supplement 'Yamujin Calcium/Vitamin' (KBS Hutos character license) 
2010 : Launched functional cosmetic brand 'Skin on Skin'
2011 : Launched 'Skin on Skin Moist Lip Care, Aloe Gel Cream', opened wholesale mall and B2B mall for pharmacies
2012 : Launched health functional foods brand 'Preventra', launched cooling/heating sports care 'Aquacool', launched natural cosmetic brand 'Skin on Skin Nature'
2013 : Launched cooling/heating sports care 'Aquacool Hot Spa Gel' and 'Aquacool Spray', launched natural cosmetic brand 'Nature C', launched medicinal cosmetic brand 'Dr. Dermast'
2014 : Launched children's health functional food brand 'Preventra Kids', launched functional cosmetic brand 'Dr', launched functional cosmetic 'Aquacool Sports Shower Gel', launched 'Silk Coating Color Cream Hair Dye'
2015 : Launched health functional food 'Preventra Osteo Balance', launched health functional food 'Preventra Easy Spirulina', launched 'Speed Color Cream Hair Dye'
2016 : Launched premium hair care brand 'Lov Rosee', concluded sponsorship with martial arts group ROAD FC (ended), registered Aquacool on US FDA in OTC category, began exporting Aquacool to US, launched 4 types of 'Preventra Aronia'
2017 : Aquacool concluded sponsorship with Korea Cyclist Federation, launched premium dessert brand 'Sweet Taipei', launched cosmetic brand for pharmacies 'Momosow'